No.27 Cranachan

Cranachan is an under appreciated and rather bland looking dessert, so here is my “boosted” version.  Firstly, I like a few crushed raspberries though the cream to give a pink hint to a normally bland white mound.  Secondly, I toast my oats for the top and soak my oats for adding to the cream, finding this works really well.

On to ingredients – mainly the whiskey.  There are peated varieties which are smoky and unpeated varieties that are not.  An unpeated whiskey is what you need, with my preference being Jura 10 year Origin which is easy to find but has almost a honeyed taste.  The oats – rolled are essential as their surface area is larger to both absorb the whiskey and for toasting.  The raspberries – are a matter of choice but I feel frozen work equally as well as fresh.

DSC_0159Serves: 3-4 Small Portions

Time: 20 minutes


150g of raspberries

300ml of double cream

3-4 tablespoons of honey

50g of oats

25-50ml of whiskey


  1. Toast half of your oats lightly in a dry pan and soak the remaining oats in the whiskey (letting them soak until the liquid is absorbed).
  2. Whip the cream to stiff peaks and add in the honey until adequately sweet.
  3. Mix in 50g of the rapsberries and the soaked oats – breaking up the raspberries whilst mixing.
  4. Serve in glasses placing some halved raspberries in the glasses through the mix.
  5. Add the toasted oats on top and a few raspberries to decorate.

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