No.33 Blood Orange Salad

When asked what my favourite food is there is only one answer, blood oranges. These oranges can be found between January and May and have the most wonderful flavour almost tasting of raspberry and vermouth. I have been known to “hunt” for them when out and about.

Honestly, these are great for anything from cheesecakes to roasting fish, however, a simple salad really shows these oranges at their best.  To match their red tinged flesh, radichhio is perfect, though regular chicory would work too.


Serves: 2-3    Time: 10 minutes

2 large blood oranges

1 Radicchio

50g of feta cheese

25g of pumpkin seeds

25g of linseeds

25g of hazelnuts, halved

2 tablespoons of oil i.e. cold pressed rapeseed


  1. Chop half the radicchio roughly and the other half finely.
  2.  Dice one orange finely and mix though the radicchio. Mix in the oil.
  3. Crumble most of the feta cheese though the salad. Add most of the pumpkin seeds, linseeds and hazelnuts. Mix well.
  4. Serve on a plate and top with the remaining feta cheese, pumpkin seeds, linseeds and hazelnuts
  5. Peel the remaining orange and cut into slices and arrange these slices on top of the salad.



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