Scottish Cookery is more than just deep frying. It’s food that is rich in local ingredients and often humble in its presentation. He is a few recipes I have written up so far, with a lot more to come. Whether they be new or recollections from my childhood.

No.1 Stovies No.26 Haggis Cannonballs and Whiskey MayonnaiseNo.32 Homemade Macaroni PiesNo.48 Traditional Lentil soupNo.67 Chocolate Peanut MallowsNo.72 Haddock Poached in MilkNo.79 Split Pea SoupNo.84 Ruth's Empire BiscuitsNo.87 Scotch BrothNo.91 Mealy PuddingNo.92 Beef Olives No.93 Deep Fried Smoked Haddock No.95 TabletNo.96 Simple Rice Pudding No.116 Cranachan 2.0





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