Why did you start writing down recipes?

Jokingly I always say it’s for when I have dementia that my wife knows what to cook me but that’s not the whole truth. It started years ago but it took the commitment of posting regular online to do it.

Having reached 100 recipes why are you still going?

Because it is fun. I’m in no way a professional but I am getting better. Recently I’ve started going back over old recipes and making tweaks and amendments. I can only do this because I know more now.

How have you seen your cooking change over the year?

I have become more methodical and the scales are always out for measuring. I’ve also become more comfortable cooking simple recipes and realising that ‘more’ doesn’t always mean ‘better’.

What are your favourite recipes to work on and develop?

This has to be a balance between traditional Scottish recipes and Turkish recipes. Scottish recipes need a little more work than others like Stovies my first recipe. Beef, Fat, Potatoes and onion but with no heavy spices to hide behind you need to find the right technique to make it. Turkish cooking is similar in that its not all about rich sauces and heavy spices but about letting the ingredients shine.

What’s next?

Currently working on a few mezze dishes including a super smooth hummus. There are a few prototype bbq recipes involving cider cured pork leg and a bbq sous-vide lamb shoulder (it will make sense). Lastly, a reworking if malai kofta – an India potato curry with Jewish latkes.

Finally question, choice of coffee?

A fresh cafetière of Monsoon Malabar beans. Simply put – coffee that tastes of coffee.

Peter A Strachan

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