No.106 Cider & Fennel Cured Pork Leg

BBQ season is in full swing in the UK but with our weather we need to be able to switch to cooking indoors at short notice. This is a dish your can easily cook on the BBQ or on a grill pan indoors. It uses a relatively cheap cut of pork but the marination and butterflying of the meat makes it as tender as pork tenderloin.

This is even better if you do it over the BBQ with wood chips or a log of wood. I prefer oak and it does go really well with the cider and fennel favours. Also it gives a gammon sort of flavour further enriching the dish.

Side note: in the directions I have included the safe cooking temperatures for the UK and US. This is because the US have reduced the temperature which they consider pork to be safe to consume. For more information click here.

Serves: 4-5

Time: 10 minutes the day before and 30-40 minutes on the day.

Difficulty: Straight forward

800-1000g/1.8-2 pound Pork Leg (Boned)

500ml/50cl of cider (alcoholic)

2 tablespoons of fennel seeds

2 tablespoons of salt

1 tablespoon of black peppercorns

2 bay leaves

Night Before

1. Remove any skin or excess fat from the pork. Butterfly or cut the pork to a 2cm thickness.

2. With the knife poke holes periodically in the pork.

3. Add to a large lidded container and add the remaining ingredients. Mix well and leave to marinate overnight

On the day

1. Heat up your BBQ or the griddle pan (if it’s raining). Then place the pork on the grill.

2. Cook until the pork reaches the safe cooking temperature. This is 75 degrees Celsius (167 degrees Fahrenheit) in the UK and 62 degrees Celsius (145 degrees Fahrenheit) in the US.

3. Remove from the grill and wrap in greaseproof paper for 10 minutes. Then slice thinly and serve.

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