No.12 Oysters on Ice

Oysters are delicious. A sweet and saline experience that almost melts in the mouth. Most up market supermarkets and fishmongers will stock them. Many farmed varieties are less than a pound an oyster. Idealy, if this is the first time you are trying oysters, go for the smallers ones, they are more managable to swallow.

The difficult part is getting them out of the shell. The correct way of doing this is with a shucking knife as using a real kitchen knife may result in a trip to A&E. It is advisable to ask the person you are buying them from for advice on opening them. The principle is to insert the knife between the shell and rock back and forth until loose. Then to slice the muscle connecting the oyster to the shell.


Time: 10 minutes




  1. Shuck oysters
  2. Slice lemon
  3. Asemble ice, lemon slices and oysters in a bowl.

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