No.11 Grouse and Bramble

Grouse is an an acquired taste being very gamey in flavour. This is all dependant on what the bird has actually been eating, so if you don’t like it once, you may like it the secound time around.  The season begins in october and ends early december so it’s worth a try.

To match the strong flavour of the grouse you need bold flavours and that’s where brambles (blackberries) come in. Sharp and tart matches the red wine sauce adding much needed balance. Also brambles are in season so its a great time to use them.


Time: 35 minutes                                                          Serves: Two


1 Grouse Crown

4 tablespoons of lard/butter

1 handful of brambles

1 glass of red wine

Caster sugar


  1. Prepare the Grouse by spatchcocking. This means to use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the backbone of the bird and then to press flat. This is sounds complex but is simple and will speed up the cooking time.
  2. Salt and pepper the bird and add to a pan with 3 table spoons of butter. Pan fry for 10 minutes on medium moving ocassionaly to ensure the bird does not dry out.
  3. Switch to a baking tray and cover with the oil in the pan and roast for 15 minutes at 210 degrees celilius.
  4. Make the sauce by simmering the red wine and brambles till the liquid has reduced by half.
  5. Add butter to the sauce. At this point add a little water if too thick and any sugar if too tart.
  6. Serve by slicing the meat from the bone and pour over the sauce and brambles.


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