No.30 Classic Carbonara

Carbonara is simple and quick to make and is never a disappointment if done in the right way.  There is much debate about what actualy goes into it with bacon and cream not normally being used.  However, a dash of cream adds to the silky richness and british dry cured bacon cooked till the point of utter crispness can rival any pancetta.

The key step here is the when adding the egg yolks to the pasta.  When adding the yolks the pasta needs to be continually stirred to prevent making scambled eggs.  After this add a dash of cold cream to lower the temperature, also preventing scrambling.  If you are not feeling guilty about your weight take the dripping from the bacon and add it to the sauce to further the taste.


Time: 20 minutes                                            
Difficulty: Take your time
Serves: 2
50g/1.8oz of grated Parmesan
6 rashers of good quality Smoked Bacon
3 Egg Yolks
150g/5.2oz of Pasta
25ml/1oz of Single Cream
Black Pepper and Nutmeg
1. Cook bacon under the grill or in the frying pan until crispy. Reserve the fat.
2. Cook your pasta as per pack instructions.
3. Whisk egg yolks and parmesan together and add to the cooked pasta.  Ensure when adding this that you continually stir the pasta to avoid scrambled eggs.
4. Add black pepper and nutmeg to taste.
5. Cut the bacon into small pieces. Mix half of the bacon and the fat with the pasta.  Add the remaining bacon on top of the pasta once in the bowl to serve.

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