No.131 DIY Cranberry Sauce

We all like our cranberry sauce a different way. Some like it sour and some like it more sweet. The only way round this is to make your own. Esssentialy all you need is some sugar, frozen cranberries and water.

Make this the two weeks ahead and freeze. Defrost the day before.

Time: 25 minutes

Makes: Enough possibly for 8 people

Difficulty: Straight forward

400g of Cranberries (frozen)

200ml of Water

200ml of White Sugar

2-4 tablespoons of Port, Cherry Brandy or Red Vermouth (Optional)

1. Make the sugar syrup by combing the recently boiled water (200ml) with the sugar. Mix until all the sugar is dissolved.

2. In a pan add all but a handful of the cranberries and a little of the syrup. Heat on a low to medium heat stirring occasionally until the cranberries have softened.

3. Add more syrup to your taste and keep on a medium heat until thickened.

4. Add the optional alcohol at this point and mix well.

5. Pour into a dish and leave to cool. Then serve or store in the freezer for Christmas Day.

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