No.193 Posh Fifteens

Fifteens, as they are called in Northern Ireland, or Canadian roll, in Scotland, is a fridge cake packed full of glace cherries and marshmallows rolled in coconut. Sweet and rich, with my take making it even richer. All butter shortbread, white chocolate and tart dried cherries come together to make a more complex and decadent fridge cake.

Makes: 12 Thick Pieces

Time: 15 Minutes to make and 2 Hours to refrigerate

Difficulty: Straight Forward

210g of Shortbread

28 Dried Cherries

28 Mini Marshmallows

90 g of White Chocolate

200g of Condensed Milk

50g of Flaked Almonds


1. Crush the shortbread to a lumpy mixture. Slice the cherries in half. Roughly chop the white chocolate. 

2. In a pan on a low heat toast the almonds for 2 minutes. Remove from the pan and roughly chop. 

3. Mix together the shortbread, cherries, marshmallows, white chocolate and then slowly add the condensed milk. Bring together into a rough dough. 

4. Spread the almonds onto a chopping board and shape the dough into a log. Roll in the almonds. 

5. Refrigerate for 2 hours and then slice into pieces.

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