No.195 Mackerel in Oatmeal

Slightly more modern take on Scottish herring in oatmeal, with far less bones. Perfect made in the pan or on the BBQ. If you want to use can drizzle with vinegar at the end as per Traditional herring in oatmeal.

Serves: 3-4

Time: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Straight forward

4 fresh Mackerel Fillets (de-skinned)

8 tablespoons of Oatmeal

4 tablespoons of Plain Flour

1 Egg

50ml of Milk

Salt and Black Pepper

1. Prepare the mackerel by cutting the fillet in two strips removing the backbone.

2. Coat the fillets in flour.

3. Whisk together the milk with the egg. Add some salt and pepper to the oatmeal.

4. Now dip the mackerel in milk and egg mixture. Then coat well in the oatmeal.

5. Fry with a small amount of oil in a medium heat pan for 2-3 minutes on each side.

6. Serve immediately.

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