No.197 Chicken & Skirlie Ballotine

This is a classic in my household and a standard Sunday roast. Skirlie is oatmeal side dish from southern Scotland (click here for the recipe) and it helps keep the chicken moist.

You are best to use a free range chicken for this to get the best flavour. It will also help balance the fatness of skirlie.

Time: 60 minutes

Serves: 3-4

Difficulty: Take your time

1 Chicken about 1.5kg (you will only use the crown)

5 tablespoons of Skirlie (warm)

Salt and Pepper

1. Remove the wings and legs form the chicken. Now slice the skin just under where the bottom of the breast starts on either side of the crown. With the skin attached cut the breast close to the bone until the breast is removed on each side, keeping the skin as one piece

2. Lay flat and remove the chicken tender from the breast.

3. Add the skirlie to middle of the breast in a line. Roll the breasts together.

4. Place on a oven proof tray or pan with the breast facing up. Top with Salt and Pepper.

5. Roast at 180 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes.

6. Remove for the oven. Slice and serve with gravy.

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